Why Anytec?

Prepared for the worst. Built for the best.

We are proud to be building the worlds best aluminium boats. Here we've gathered some of the reasons why your next boat should be an Anytec.

A complete experience.

We're boat builders - but this is about so much more. Our goal isn't to build seaworthy boats, there are many other manufacturers that can handle that already. Our goal is to build the worlds best experience machines in aluminium, designed from the ground up to let you meet all possible challenges you might face while on the sea. To achieve that goal we set very high standards for ourselves, not just during our own production but by only cooperating with the best suppliers and being very aware of the wants and needs of our customers.

Hull and construction

The most famous characteristics of our boats is the sharp bow which ensures high stability, especially at higher speeds. We never bolt anything together, we weld everything. What this means is that you'll be buying a boat that lasts, even if driven in rough seas. Marine aluminium is a fantastic material. While it does require us to only have the very best welders on hand, it also means we can build faster, more manouverable boats.

Patented surface treatment

A completely new and patented surface treatment is used on all our boats - M400. The treatment bonds to the aluminium and strengthens its already impressive characteristics, giving the boats hull a fantastic shine while preventing oxidation.

Environmental protection

Did you know that aluminium can be recycled again and again without any degradation of its properties? Recycling only requires five percent of the energy involved in mining for new aluminium.

An investment for the future

We doubt you will want to sell your Anytec boat in the future, but you should be happy to know that our boats retain the vast majority of their value even when they are resold. Not only are our boats built in such a way that it will look and feel new year after year, they also garner a lot more attention on the market that boats from other manufacturers.

Safe navigation

Our boats are equipped with lightning fast navigation systems from Simrad. Easy to use touch-screens with fantastic quality ensure safe navigation on any sea. Besides the basic systemet with plotter and antenna there are also several extras such as broadband radar and GoFree Wireless. Contact your local dealership for more information.

Årets modeller utrustas med blixtsnabba navigationssystem från Simrad. Lättanvända pekskärmar med fantastisk kvalitet borgar för säker navigering på sjön. Förutom själva grundsystemet med plotter och antenn finns även flera tillvalsmöjligheter, exempelvis Bredbandsradar och GoFree Wireless.

Vassa, välbalanserade skrov med rätt motorstyrka ger förare och passagerare en grym upplevelse – utan överraskningar.
New door for all SPD-models and 747 CAB

All SPD-models and 747 CAB has been equipped with a new door. The patented solution mean that the lines of all our boats have improved further.

New interior environment for select models

Anytec 622 SPD, 750 SPD, 747 CAB och 860 SPD have been upgraded with a new interior environment where design and smart solutions go hand in hand.

New chair

Anytec 747 CAB and 750 SPD have been equipped with a new and improved chair.

New table

Certain boats can now be equipped with a new, high-quality table. Anytec 860 owners will also be able to lower the table to bring it flush with the rear sofa, thus creating a great place for sunbathing with plenty of room for two people.

Joystick steering

Anytec 860 SPD can now be equipped with joystick steering which gives you full control of the boat. You can even make it go sideways if that is what you want. Simple and safe navigation in the harbor or near cliffs.