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We want to thank everyone that visited us at Stockholms International Boat Show Allt för sjön! A special thanks to our reputable dealerships Norberg & Nilsson Båt & Motor AB, Yamaha Marine Store Norrtälje - Bergshamra and PCM Marin AB that been with us. We are now more exited than ever for 2018 boating season!


Sjøen for Alle 2018

Experience out boats at Sjøen for Alle , 14th - 18th of March. One of Norway´s largest boat shows that offers fine experiences for boaters that is looking forward to the summer. Our dealership Frydenbø Marine AS will be exhibiting Anytec A27, Anytec A23 and Anytec 747 CAB at stand C02-08.



All-black A27

Custom-built black A27 getting prepared for Stockholms International Boat Show, Båtmässan Allt för sjön, that starts on Saturday. Pretty cool, right? Come and experience it at stand A40:21.


Anytec A27 - Boat of the Show at Helsinki International Boatshow - Vene 18.

Anytec A27 has been awarded Boat of the Show in the category "Best open motorboat" at the Helsinki International Boatshow - Vene 18. The all-new Anytec A27 was nominated as one of several finalists for Boat of the Show award during the first day of the boatshow. Today it was revealed as the winner.


- The finnish market is mature, the buyers value quality and the competition is fierce. Winning this award in Finland, a country which favors aluminium boats to such a high degree, is very exciting, says Johan Erixon, sales director at Anytec Sweden AB.


Interest in the all-new Anytec A27 and Anytec A23 has been high ever since the two models were unveiled late last year. The Helsinki International Boatshow - Vene 18 - marks the first time that the models have participated in a finnish boat show.


Aluminium boats with their rugged exteriors and all-weather construction have struck a chord with the Finns, with aluminium being the material of choice for around 60 percent of all new boats. In comparison, aluminium boat sales in neighbouring Sweden only make up around 25-30 percent of the total market. Anytec has had a presence on the finnish market for over 10 years and is represented by its agent, Hartman Trading Oy.


- The competition in Finland is incredibly fierce, aluminium boats being so popular here. We have worked hard to increase our market share over the years, getting recognized in this fashion feels great. Especially since I know how hard our constructors and the factory have worked to make this a reality. It inspires us to become even better, says Niclas Hartman, CEO of Hartman Trading Oy.


To narrow down the finalist to one winner the jury reviewed the overall look and feel of the boats but paid close attention to design, the use of space, functionality and ergonomics. The relation between price and quality, newsworthiness and how well the overall boat fit its own niche was also considered.

The jurys final motivation read as follows:


"Swedish boatbuilders Anytec have made themselves known for its robust and fast boats built entirely in aluminium. The A27 represents a brand new generation of Anytec that differs distinctly in design compared to its predecessors. Worth considering is how the boat's interior can be customized, it can for example be equipped with four spring sports seats".

Winner of the Boat of the Show award - Vene Båt 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Anytec A27 has won the Boat of the Show award at Helsinkis International Boat Show! Our Finnish agent Niclas Hartman received the price in the class ”Open Boats” on stage today at the fair. We are especially grateful to be winners of this award in Finland where we competed against a wide range of other aluminium boats. Thank you Vene Båt and the panel for the award!


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