860 SPDI

Conquer the Archipelago

The Anytec 860 SPDI is the perfect boat when you want a big, open boat with generous spaces for equipment or additional passengers. With its modern and aggressive design, coupled with a fantastic hull, the Anytec 860 SPDI offers a truly remarkable driving experience.

The 860 SPDI is equipped with an inboard engine which gives the boat stability and a large and wonderful aft deck for relaxation or storage. There are many large and easily accessible storage compartments throughout the boat. 

The boat is delivered with either a Mercury V6 TDI with 265 horse power, which gives the boat a top speed of around 40 knots, or alternatively a Mercury V8 TDI with 350 horse power which results in a top speed of around 45 knots.

The sharp, cutting hull in combination with the inboard motor gives the boat the right center of gravity, resulting in high stabilitet, low fuel consumption and comfort in all weathers.

All told, the Anytec 860 SPDI offers a combination of design, construction and functionality that you won’t find anywhere else.


2,61 m
8,86 m
Weight excl. engine: 
2700 kg
Rec engine power: 
- hp
Tank volume: 
300 litres
1,10 m
Deadrise (stern/bow): 
- Kn

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Performance Pedestal

Anytec-developed pedestal with shock absorbers from Öhlins Racing. Standard on the 7 Series and up, available as an option for the rest of the model range.
Take a test drive and experience the difference!

Nano passivation technology

A patented surface treatment is used on all our boats. M400 enhances the aluminum's already impressive features, is extremely water repellent and gives the boat a fantastic shine while preventing oxidation.